Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Finicky bitch seeks unbridalled perfection.

I had an interesting conversation with my best friend the other day.  We were discussing our equally abysmal track records with men, specifically our tendency to see qualities in them that aren't really there, while being blind to things we shouldn't overlook.  Suddenly, the feminist-anarchist-agitator in me decided that enough was enough. 

'Fuck it,' I said, 'I know exactly what I want, and I'm not settling for less anymore!'

'What is it you want?'  asked Corrina.

Judging by her lackadaisical tone of voice, she already knew the answer.  Which stands to reason, seeing as how I'd been making, and breaking, the same promise to myself since we were both young enough to believe we could actually find exactly what we wanted in a world where the pickings were so slim. 

'I want a guy who's funny, smart, smart-arsed, cute, creative, strong-willed an unprejudiced who loves kids and dogs and can deal with the drama that comes from dating someone with a kid.  Oh, and it would be nice if he was a non-smoker as well.'

'You know if you expect perfection, you're going to die alone.'

Most of you are probably nodding your heads in agreement with Corrina and her sage words, but the way I see it, an unhappy relationship and no relationship at all are one and the same thing, either way you're alone, so what is there to lose by being selective about the person whose adult diapers you're probably going to have to change in fifty years time?  I'm not saying I don't believe in fate; I honestly think I'd curl up and die if I ever started doubting that kismet existed.  Neither am I suggesting that you treat dating like a trip to the supermarket, checking off each item on your list of desirable qualities.  I'm just saying that when it comes to love, you might not want to buy the first thing you see, just because you think you can't afford anything better.  I made that mistake a while ago, and there are no refunds.      

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