Monday, 19 September 2011

Flirting with disaster

In light of the unseasonably spectacular weather we were having today, I decided to premiere my new white tank top and red hippy skirt combo a few months early.  Anyone close to me will tell you that I adore red, so changing out of my uniform of jeans and hoodie, and slipping on the ankle-length ruby number filled me with instantaneous confidence.  I felt like I could do anything or be anyone.  It was with this extra lust for life that I decided to go out and pick up some treats for my son and I.  I strolled down the street, I Pod at my hip, feeling like I was in a Lily Allen video.  I was lookin' and feelin' fine and, judging by the reaction I was getting from passers by, everyone was in agreement with me. 

Or so I thought.

Half a block from the shops, I passed a rather handsome looking fellow who, immune to my charms, barely glanced up from the bike he was working on.  I shrugged it off and pursued my course.  On the way back, however, his demeanour had changed.  On seeing me coming, he straightened up, grinned, and nodded in my direction.


'Hey,' I replied in the sultriest voice I could manage. 

'That's a nice skirt.'

'Thanks.  Just got it a couple of days ago.'

He walked up to me and leaned in close to my ear, his hot breath unleashing Armageddon upon my insides.

'Your skirt's tucked into your undies.'                                                                                                                                                                                                              



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